Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take my insurance?

Ascend Orthopaedics is an out of network physical therapy provider. This means that clients pay us directly at the time of their visit and we provide them with the means to submit for reimbursement. Every insurance is unique and our insurance benefits cheat sheet will help you ask the right questions of your insurance provider. This will help you understand how your insurance will work with us as a provider. Most people discover they will pay less when they see us. This also gives you the benefit of knowing the cost due to full cost transparency.


What is an out of network provider?

An out of network provider has not contracted with your insurance company for reimbursement. This means that the person receiving services must submit for reimbursement. Many plans reimburse for a portion of the fees of out of network providers. Most people discover their insurance will pay up to 60% of the cost. The remainder is the direct cost to you.


Why should I see an out-of-network provider?

We chose to be out of network to allow our clients to received the highest quality of care possible. You receive the benefits of one-on-one physical therapy instead of treatment where the physical therapist works with multiple people. You can also avoid the terror of bill me later that is insurance. Never receive a bill for $6800 because your deductible is not yet met.


What is the cost for physical therapy?

We are fully transparent about our costs so you know the most you could pay for a visit. Your first session is satisfaction guaranteed to help you discover if physical therapy will benefit you. We charge $149 dollars per visit with visit packages decreasing the cost by up to 30 dollars a session. However our patients tend to be seen for fewer visits than expected overall saving you money compared to seeing another provider.


Does the cost of my session apply to my deductible?

Every insurance is different. We recommend you call your insurance to determine if you have the same deductible for out-of-network physical therapy as your in-network deductible. This is included on our cheat sheet of questions to ask you insurance provider. If your deductible is the same for both it means you may save a significant amount by coming directly to us. This article explains why Ascend Orthopaedics may be the best option for your physical therapy.


Why is it cheaper for multi visit packages?

As you recover you will need fewer intensive interventions and previous sessions build on previous ones. Your symptoms become less severe and need less from your physical therapist to recover. We know that early visits will be benefit the most from the first 4 sessions. Most people need 3 to 4 additional sessions to complete their recovery but feel much better. This is when people may choose to drop out which can cause a return of symptoms. To make sure your symptoms resolve we provide our visit packages to make sure you can complete your recovery at a lower cost.


Who will I work with at my session?

Unlike many of our competitors who employ support staff we choose to only hire physical therapists to treat you. No support staff means that you get the highest quality of care and the best result of your treatment. You should not have to work with people who are unqualified to treat you and your condition. We also do not hire physical therapy assistants (PTA)s for this very reason. Research has shown PTAs cause a higher cost in care and you will recover slower than if you saw only a PT. You should only receive the best quality and we only employ the best physical therapists.

Where are your located?

We are at 1500 Walnut Street in Philadelphia across from the Verizon store. We are on the 7th floor in suite 1A. When you arive you will sign in at the lobby desk and take the elevator to the 7th floor. There is a waiting room and you can let the person at the desk know you are there for Ascend Orthopaedics. Have a seat and we will be there to serve you at your appointment time.

Do you take Medicare?

We do not currently accept Medicare at this time.  If you have any other questions please contact us at

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