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What Clients Say About Ascend Orthopaedics…

I scheduled an evaluation appointment with Dr. Nichols for a lower back and hip issue I’ve been having for years after being referred by my sister. I have tried many forms of physical therapy prior to my visit with no solution found. Dr. Nichols helped diagnose my problem from the core of the issue and gave me a TON of helpful information to help better understand my pain and discomfort, which I didn’t feel I received at previous physical therapists. I really felt like he was there to help, rather than just throw a bunch of exercises at me and say “here, do this”. I will be continuing to visit Dr. Nichols for my physical ailments! He’s given me a very personalized idea of how to tackle this, and I recommend him to anyone and everyone seeking a more personal plan for their physical ailments!” – Charles

“Dr Bryan Nichols provides outstanding, patient-centered care and his remarkable knowledge of PT and all the factors that contribute to injury/recovery are first class! His services are worth the investment!!” – Becky