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ankle instability can occur after one or more ankle sprains and you need to treat your ankle appropriately


Ben Simmons Chronic Ankle Instability


Chronic ankle instability is a real problem in basketball players. Recurrent ankle sprains weaken the ligaments of the ankle resulting in more giving way. This results in a higher number of future ankle sprains. Ben Simmons had another ankle sprain against the Cavs. This is the same ankle he that kept him out of his first season. Early reports are that the x-ray was negative meaning there was no structural damage like his initial injury. It will be interesting how lightly the Philadelphia 76ers take this injury after their dealing with Fultz. It appear that the 76ers operate on structural damage that can be seen and ignore symptom control and management.


The good news is Simmons should not miss any time.


We Do Not Know How Simmons Feels


I do not expect Simmons to miss time unless there is swelling that limits his ability to walk. This can last days or weeks to recover from. Every ankle sprain is different and when people do not appropriately rehab their ankle have a recurrence rate over 60%. For those who do rehab their ankle the recurrence rate is less than 12%. This is due to the development of chronic ankle instability. We can hope the Philadelphia 76ers apply the appropriate interventions and allow for the appropriate time for Simmons to return this will minimize his risk for a chronic issue.


Treatment For Chronic Ankle Instability


Chronic ankle instability is thought to be a continuation of the deficits that arise from injury to the ankle. These include a loss of motion, strength, posture control, and difficulty with activities. There is some natural recovery as with most injuries. Once you have multiple ankle sprains you are more likely for symptoms to be worse or linger longer. Intervention is two fold. The first is to improve the mobility of the ankle and second improve the control/strength of the ankle. Research suggests thrust manipulation of the ankle may help improve performance on balance and single leg tests which should be an early intervention. Then reducing the unique deficits is key.


The best intervention is both hands on care and manual therapy. This is true in the short term and long term. Treatment of ankle sprains is not just about taping, ice, and getting back to the game. That can cause chronic issues to occur. For a comprehensive physical therapy intervention people following ankle sprains need a dual approach. Simmons should get this approach if the medical staff knows what they are doing.


Do You Have Chronic Ankle Issues?


If you experience chronic ankle pain there are a number of treatments and interventions that can help. When it comes to recovery due to the individual nature of symptoms it is important to have a focused one on one treatment that can respond to your symptoms. In center city we guarantee you will get that treatment. Take the time to discover the difference the best physical therapy in Philadelphia can provide by scheduling your free initial session with us today.


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