When Are The Nerves Involved


Our nervous system is complex and we typically associate nerve damage to bulging disks, herniated disks, sciatica, numbness, and or tingling. Most people experience some type of nerve pain at some point as it occurs when you hit your funny bone. Today we will talk about how we all experience nerve pain. Nerves are how we sense physical, chemical, and thermal stimulus. This means that any input that causes discomfort is due to our nerves. This is protective and helpful for our daily lives however it can cause pain.


Physical Pain


Physical pain comes in pressure and stretch. Nerve endings are responsible for pain when we stub our toe, overstretch a muscle or tendon, and is responsible for protecting our system after injury. Nerves become angry when we injure ourselves.  This prevents us from causing more harm to ourselves. They become angrier with inflammation and is a part of our recovery process. It is a good thing that our nervous system becomes sensitive.


Chemical Pain


Most people will not experience chemical pain as it is due to damage from acid or other chemicals. This causes damage to the nerves and allows us to protect against further harm to the area. Another key feature of nerves is to bring attention to the area. With chemical harm we would not know of the damage which could lead to infection or further harm.


Thermal Pain

Thermal pain is what we experience when we touch something hot. This type of pain allows us to feel a burn and harm to our skin. Again this is to protect us from further harm. Nerves are what we sense when we feel the sun hot on our skin. This helps us move out of the sun before we are burned.


Nerves Help Us


Nerves our important in our lives. When they get out of line or become irritated we need to understand why. This is where physical therapy can help. Our goal is to help our clients understand their pain which aides in their recovery. Pain is not a bad thing, not understanding it is. If you have questions about your pain and how your nerves are responding schedule with us today.