Achilles Pain


Pain in the achilles tendon can easily become chronic and difficult to recover from. Rest does not seem to help the tendon recover. Current research suggests that changes to the tendon are to blame. These changes can be nerve, vasculature, or the tendon itself. Regardless of the underlying reason one type of training has been found superior. Slow training.


Slow Training


When it comes to training the achilles tendon for years treatment has been prescribed to load the tendon through its full motion by lowering the heel down. This is eccentric training and training to pain has been the first step in improving pain level. It is easy to move through the painful area quickly though. This is where slow training comes in. When you move slowly through the motion you do not skip over the training the tissue needs. Training through pain to change the tissue.


It Takes Time


When it comes recovery from achilles pain it takes weeks if not months. You should expect to see a gradual but slow recovery and increase your tolerance to the exercise. Pain is okay when it comes to recovery from tendon pain. Do not be discouraged if you have pain that does not resolve quickly. To hasten your recovery from achilles pain schedule with us today at Ascend Orthopaedics.