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This two day course is designed to improve the understanding of spine pathology and the skills to best treat patients with spine conditions. We will utilized best evidence and orthopedic manual therapy interventions in small group settings to improve clinical decision making and reasoning.

Manual Therapy of The Spine

16 hr |Price Varies

1 day course designed to improve the clinicians ability to assess, treat, and manage a complex and multi factorial condition.

Evidenced-Based Management of TMD

8 hr |Price Varies

Improve your ability to manage return to running, sports, and life. This course will focus on the use of orthotics, tendinopathy management, and manual therapy to improve patient outcomes.

Management of the Foot and Ankle

16 hr|Price Varies

The shoulder has become more complex to treat. Learn what evidence is out there to simplify your approach and maximize your outcomes.  Our patients do not need surgery or injections in most cases to get better. Don't be stuck in the past. Learn new techniques and approaches to manage shoulder pain.

Evidence-Based Treatment of the Shoulder

16 hr |Price Varies

We focus on the management of the upper extremity tendinopathy and nerve impairment. the upper extremity tendon responds differently than the lower extremity and here we dive into the differences to help your treatments. The nervous system plays a power role as well and learning the details of this system will make your job a lot more fun and enjoyable.

The Elbow: Tendons and Nerves

16 hr | Price Varies

The hip is foundational for all weight bearing activities. In this course we review the benefits of manual therapy and how to utilize our hands to maximize reduction in pain, improvements in strength and muscle function

Combining Manual Therapy and Exercise in the Hip

8 hr |Price Varies