Dr. Bryan Nichols, PT, DPT, OCS


My Background

A Pursuit of Clinical Excellence 

Dr. Bryan Nichols spent multiple years at work in a typical physical therapy setting. He left his previous position to start Ascend Orthopaedics in 2017 realizing the sacrifices in quality of care would always be a problem if he was working at a typical PT clinic. With the belief that our healthcare treatment should not be something we share with others he started Ascend to provide physical therapy in a way that put the client first. This means the client comes first and not what their insurance says. It also means clients do not receive filler care. This is the different type of physical therapy clients find at Ascend.

Dr. Nichols is a board certified orthopaedic specialist in physical therapy. He believes that we should always work to become better at what we do. As a current manual therapy fellow in training Dr. Nichols continues his education to the highest clinical level. As an educater he teaches at local universities to help grow and develop student physical therapists. With additional focus on the spine and chronic pain the he has ranked as one of the top providers nationally in orthopaedic care.

When Dr. Nichols became a father he began to see a distinct lack of quality care for infants who do not have a distinct problem. Feeding, sleep, and infant discomfort within the normal range often go unsolved as parents look for solutions. Manual therapy and massage benefit benefits infants in a number of ways. Retraining the jaw can also be key for infants with feeding difficulties. Treatment after tongue tie release is also paramount to limit disorganized nursing. Dr. Nichols now utilizes his manual therapy training to assist parents in improving their infants well being and overall family connection.


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