Residency And Board Certification


Ascend Orthopaedics’ goal is to provide the best care in the areas we serve. To do this, we only hire people who have high levels of training and high quality outcomes. We only hire residency or fellowship trained physical therapists and we require that all employees maintain their board certification in their specialty. This means our clients get the best experience, best chance to recover, and receive attentive focused care.


Residency or Fellowship Trained


The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) makes sure residency and fellowship programs meet specific standards. Because of this these programs are the only two recognized qualifications by the APTA. This guarantees these programs are high quality and produce expert level PTs. Mentorship, case discussion, and extensive review of research increases the knowledge of those who complete these programs. This high quality learning produces PTs that have a much larger knowledge base. However, less than 5% of physical therapists go through this training but we will never cut corners when it comes to our providers.


Board Certification


Beyond the above programs Ascend Orthopaedics only hires PTs that hold their board certification. This is a second check to make sure you get the care you deserve. The care we would want our loved ones to have. Board certification is achieved through additional tests which demonstrate that the PT has the a much broader knowledge in the field they specialize in. The APTA adds to and changes the test to keep it up to date and to make sure board certified PTs have a higher level of knowledge. Specialities include orthopaedics, sports, pediatrics, and women’s health among others. You will not just see any PT when you come to us. You see a board certified specialist. Learn more about specialies here.


Highly Qualified For High Quality Care


Do not take the risk and waste your time on poor care. At Ascend Orthopaedics we value your time and our way of showing it is through the people on our staff. We will always provide the best quality care available for our clients and the community. We have the most stringent hiring qualifications because we know how important your time and health are. Our highly trained staff and one-on-one care provides you the best chance at recovery. Your time is valuable and we treat it that way.


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