you can get crushed by the cost of physical therapy, don't be caught off guard

Avoid Being Crushed By Medical Bills


A common question we get is how much does physical therapy cost? We understand that not knowing how much you will pay for health care is nerve wracking. No one wants to be caught with a large bill down the road. We remove this risk and make sure all our clients have a clear picture of the cost of their care. This is why at Ascend Orthopaedics we make sure that our clients have all the information they need to get the best care they deserve at a price that works for them


With Ascend Orthopaedics We Go Beyond Our Competitors By Offering

  • Treatment options that fit YOUR needs
  • Savings on your total cost of recovery
  • An easy to use insurance cheat sheet to understand your cost
  • No future bills

Do Not Risk Overpaying For Physical Therapy

These are just a few examples of people who did not realize how much they would be paying for physical therapy. The costs were:

With the examples above if you have not met your deductible you will pay the same price for 2-3 visits as you do for 8 at Ascend. Despite not being in-network many people see a significant cost savings.



With a common 3000 dollar deductible more than 80% of people will not meet their deductible. If you have a plan that does not cover costs until your deductible is met you will end up paying the costs mentioned above per session and overall paying much more by going to an in-network provider. Unfortunately you will not know the true cost until it is too late. This occurs weeks or months later when you get the bill for an outstanding balance. You will never receive an outstanding balance from us.


If You Have Met Your Out Of Pocket On The Year

If your out of pocket on the year has been met we still hope to serve you. Use our insurance benefits cheat sheet to help determine your cost per session. We provide the cheat sheet to make sure you have a full understanding of your end costs.


Quality Over Quantity

Our clients are typically seen for fewer visits than if they were to go to another physical therapy clinic. This is related to the quality of care and the one on one advantage we provide. At 1-2 visits per week and fewer than 10 visits overall there is a huge difference when coming to Ascend Orthopaedics for physical therapy. This is significantly fewer than the typical 12+ visits most clients are encouraged to be seen. We provide quality over quantity so as to not waste your time.


Ascend Orthopaedics can result in a lower cost and increased quality because of how we treat and how we bill. This is the definition of value. We provide cost transparency because we value our clients. We hope to work with you soon.


Have other questions? Visit our physical therapy frequently asked questions page.