We believe that people should have the opportunity to choose quality care. We know it is difficult to trust your health care providers in the current healthcare environment built to use fear and over-medicalization to help bolster the bottom-line. We provide Philadelphia with a better physical therapy experience.

Ascend Orthopaedics provides expert 100% one on one care with residency and fellowship trained physical therapists– who have gone beyond a doctoral degree to attain the highest credential possible in the field. Our clients receive patient-centered care from experienced therapists who also contribute to clinical practice, research, and the education of current and future therapists. We remove the barriers insurance companies and large corporate practices have created and place the patient provider relationship first.

As a physical therapy provider we provide hands on care with client specific self management strategies. We provide education to our clients to help them with their present issue as well as any future setbacks. At Ascend Orthopaedics we provide direct access to our clients to make sure they get the care they need whether it is with us or someone else.

At Ascend Orthopaedics you get the attention you and your health deserves through high quality Physical Therapy.

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