one on one care means you get the privacy you deserve where other people can not see


Demand One On One Physical Therapy


Have you ever found yourself in a clinic where there are a dozen people or more around you when you get care? You would think that there is no privacy in physical therapy today. This is something Ascend Orthopaedics changes. We challenge the belief that the only way to have PT is in a gym with many people around you. You should not have to share your time when it comes to your health and you should never share your PT time with other people.


At Ascend Orthopaedics we believe that time is a precious thing. When it comes to your healthcare we start and end with private one on one care. When you need a support group a group setting helps. For physical therapy it is a detriment to your recovery. Physical therapy should not be one of those times. When your physical therapist is working with multiple people at the same time their attention is divided, you end up doing exercises to fill time, and many times the client ends up working with a non-licensed individual with no clinical training.


Full Attention To Your Needs


When a Physical therapist works with multiple clients at the same time one client inevitably gets more attention. You are paying for shared time and run the risk of getting very little attention. This means that if you have something go wrong or have a change in symptoms you do not have the ability to quickly communicate with your physical therapist. If your are feeling better and improving this typically is not a big deal. However, people typically have moments when they need help. Recovery is slowed when your PT is with other client(s). When you go to a clinic who does not guarantee one on one care you risk slowing or halting your recovery. Our one on one care prevents this, and we pride ourselves on getting our patients back to the things they want to do quickly. We do not divide our attention between clients so you get better results faster.


Quality Time


You may assume when you are put on a bike, treadmill, or heat when you first start PT it is part of your treatment. Despite not showing any benefit for most clients, physical therapists still commonly use these things to fill time. This tactic is used to get caught up on notes, treat another patient, or complete tasks that have nothing to do with you. Filling time is wasting time. We know how precious your time is so we do not utilize these time fillers at Ascend Orthopaedics.


Only Licensed Staff


The last notorious thing that physical therapy companies will use is support staff. Support staff are the people that are not your therapist but are used to help you do your exercises, set things up for you, and in some cases tell you what exercises to do. These are individuals with no clinical education and are sometimes volunteers. For this reason it is illegal in most states for unlicensed support staff to provide care. They are not trained in physical therapy. A PT is a doctor of physical therapy, and the care you receive between a PT and their support personnel is drastically different.


The Best Care


At Ascend Orthopaedics you will be provided one on one care with a licensed physical therapist. We also go beyond the minimum training requirements with all providers being board certified specialists, something less than 10% of PTs ever achieve. When you come to Ascend Orthopaedics you get the best because that’s what your time, and your health, deserve. 


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