Does Dry Needling Hurt

Dry Needling And Pain   Dry needling treatment has a unique individual response. One of the main questions I hear is “Does dry needling hurt.” This question comes down to patient perception. Many people will experience some level of discomfort with dry needling...

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In Respect Of Pain

In Respect Of Pain

  Pain Is Not Just A Number Nearly everyone who has gone to physical therapy will know the question: "On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your pain?" The answer is important for the physical therapist to understand your experience. There can be frustration by either the...

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Pain After Surgery

Pain After Surgery

Is Surgery A Quick Fix? Surgery is thought of as a fix for many issues. In some cases, such as broken bones, this is true. We would be unable to recover function after a broken bone. This would lead to us being unable to use the area for a long period. Any unstable...

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Cold Weather Workouts

Cold Weather Workouts My workout routine is usually consistent. I do 10-15 minutes of strength training and run a mile with my dog 5 or more days a week. Philadelphia weather over the last 4 weeks has had other things in mind however. This is due to the safety not...

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